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What is TriviaFix?

If you think you know sports, TriviaFix is the place to prove it! Test your sports knowledge and see how you rate against others. You can test yourself on any level starting from 'Sports' all the way down to a team level question. Each level has it's own ranking and scoring so even if you only know your local home town team Trivia you can still be #1! You can also try and stumping the community by submitting your own questions! Track how your friends on the site are playing and even compare how you played on specific questions to how your friends played. Have a local softball game or a regular 3 on 3 pickup? Create your own team and challenge each other with questions that only go to team members!

Where do the questions come from?

The questions on TriviaFix are submitted by other players. Look for the Submit a Question button and follow the easy instructions to submit your own question for everyone to see.

How does the scoring work?

The exact formula behind TriviaFix scoring is not public. However, the scoring takes into account many factors including, the difficulty of the question, the level you answer the question on (Sport, Conference, Division, Team) as well as other key factors

How can I submit a question?

Look for the Submit a Question button and follow the easy instructions to submit your own question for everyone to see.

How are the rankings determined?

TriviaFix keeps track of users scores for 6 timeframes Last Day Last 7 Days Last 30 days Last 90 days Last 12 months All Time On any scoreboard you can change the view to see the stats you want. The default view is going to be Last 30 days.

What are 'My Teams'?

A great feature of TriviaFix is the ability to create your own private teams. Once you create a team you can invite any member you want even if they are not yet a TriviaFix member to join your team. Any question submitted to a team will be sent via email to all team members to answer. These questions are not added to the general TriviaFix categories and non-team members will not see them. Each team also has its private scoreboard so you can track how well your friends do against each other.

How do I create a team?

Go to the My Teams tab and choose 'Create a team'. Enter a team name and description and invite whoever you want to join the team!

What is the My Stats Page?

The My Stats page allows you to monitor all your crucial stats like how well you did by sport, how well other people do on questions you submit, track individual questions to see how well your friends do on those same questions and much more.

What are Friends?

Are your friends claiming they know more sports than you? Tell them to prove it on TriviaFix. By adding a player to My Friends you can monitor how well they answer on both specific questions as well as on whole categories (e.g. NBA > Eastern Conference) Donít let anyone else tell you they are better than you ever again!

Can I challenge another player with a question?

If you see a user moving ahead in the rankings and want to challenge them with a question simply go to the users profile page (click on his user name) and then click the 'Challenge' button. You will be able to submit a question directly to him (and anyone else with an email address). This question will not be posted to anyone else and will not affect his score it is purely for personal bragging rights

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