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  • About TriviaFix
  • It's all about competing. Hey, is there anything better than that

    For some sports fans out there that is all you need to know but really, there's more to it than that. If you want to get the start without a warm-up go here to sign up and we will give you the nod. Be prepared to get roughed up a little before realizing you're in the big leagues, so don't blame us. Consummate sports trivia pros - and dedicated rookies - will read on to garner every detail possible

  • A sports Trivia community
  • We take our sports trivia very seriously here at Yasmine Partners inc. So seriously in fact, we knew it was about time serious sports trivia should be fun. That is exactly the approach we took in shaping the TriviaFix website with all the best Web 2.0 technology available

    Electronic sports trivia has been around a long time but this is the first leap into making the passion come to life in a socializing, networking, participating stadium full of wired enthusiasts. We have developed TriviaFix as a leading edge sports trivia enthusiast's internet community where the members drive all aspects of the site, including submitting and answering questions, influencing scoring and ranking, and determining which comments and news stories are most popular. We will continually strive to make your site the most current it can be

  • How the TriviaFix community site works.
  • Notice we referred to TriviaFix as your site. TriviaFix applies User Generated Content concepts so it is totally community powered. That means community members submit their own questions, including audio and video if they like create their own trivia teams, and organize competitions. We have supplied you with the power to pinpoint the type of trivia you are interested in, track the stats, even see how your friends did in certain categories of questions

    One feature you are sure to like is the scoreboard on every trivia category or sub-category page. A community member may top the board for Yankees baseball but the player may not have the broad knowledge to even make it on to the general baseball leader board.

    You will find out pretty quick what level you can compete at, who you want to have on the playing field with you and how you're going to develop your game plan. Fumble the ball and there's no place to hide. Power your way to the top of the rankings and everyone will know about it. Get ready to be a part of the action

  • TriviaFix is
  • The effort of self-confessed sports trivia junkies Marc Tobin and Dani Waxman to facilitate the spread of information through a social network that lets people share what they know online in a way they might not have the opportunity to in the physical world. If you love sports trivia, you've found your place.

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